Bundle dye workshop with kaliko_co.

Using botanicals to create patterns on fabrics.

The power of Instagram always surprises me, sometimes negatively and other times very positively. While living in the UK I "met" Ania, known on instagram as kaliko_co. She was passionate about the same things, she lived in Berlin where I was planning to move, and she quickly became someone I admired for her hard work and beautiful creations. We met in real life and she was even nicer and more inspirational than I thought was possible! When Ania opened her new studio in Wedding, I couldn't wait to visit. A perfect opportunity arose, when she announced her first workshop in the new space. It was a bundle dyeing class.

Ania's studio is beautiful, you can take a little tour here! It's a perfect space for workshops held by Ania on a regular basis, if you're based in Berlin you should really have a look at what she can teach you.

Ania prepared all the ingredients for bundle dyeing our scarves. We used marigolds, logwood, weld, chamomile and many more. She explained all the steps and guided us through the process. It was so much fun!

I am so happy with how my pattern turned out on the scarf. I love wearing it in my hair as a hairband. Bundle dye technique can be used on so many things and it's a great way to upcycle your clothes and accessories. I won't be giving you any tips though, you have to ask Ania! :)