Naked Dye - a truly naked brand.

Transparency is the key to a better world.

There is a reason why I called my little business 'naked dye'. I wanted you to know that it is a transparent, authentic brand straight away. A business with strong, ethical values and based on natural, organic ingredients. But also a brand proving that eco doesn't compromise beautiful.

Some n a k e d facts for you:

-I use only plant based and food waste dyes

-my products are made of certified organic cotton and other natural fibres

-I use organic cotton threads to sew what I make

-I wrap your orders in recycled tissue paper and use brown envelopes for shipping

-I stamp recycled brown cards that become my business cards

-my care labels are just stamped offcuts of fabrics – no waste policy!

-I reuse water many times while mordanting and dyeing fabrics

-I air dry all the fabric

-I keep all the offcuts to turn them into beautiful, one of a kind products

Offcuts of naturally dyed fabrics - there's so many things you could do with them!

All of these little things help me keep my conscious clear, environment safe and hopefully all of you happy. My plan for this blog is to become a platform for people that want to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. A little corner of the internet where we can #inspiretobeeco. You won't be judged here, it's a safe place! You can ask questions you think might be stupid. I want to find answers to all of them! We will speak to various inspiring people. We will discuss stuff. What better way to make things happen than bounce ideas of each other? People don't become eco friendly overnight. We are all guilty of shopping too often, using straws, buying a plastic wrapped cucumber. We all produced too much waste. We all supported brands that ruin our planet and mistreat their employees. We all want to make changes but it's really hard to change everything about your lifestyles at once, so let's take small steps together. Let's make our actions count!